Friday, 12 August 2011


Remember those big tubs of sudocream.. well now Sudocream comes in handbag sized tubes. They're so easy to carry around in your handbag or look nice sitting on your dressing table. I have used sudocream for as long as I can remember as it has so many uses from dry skin to clearing up your spots.

The formula of the sudocream in the new squeezy tube seems to be a little lighter and less greasy than the original tubs of sudocream but personally I think this is great as it sinks into your skin alot better making the cream less visible but working just as effectively. I much prefer the new packaging in the squeeky tube its less messy and more sanitary as you are not having to put your fingers into the tub.

Are you a fan of Sudocream ? have you tried the new Sudocream yet ?

Also if you check out Sudocream's Facebook page they have an amazing Bagology App!

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