Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser

Well I have finally got my blogging mojo back and will hopefully be doing some regular posts again. I have seen the Natural Collection Tinted moisturiser popping up on quite a few blogs recently which has surprised me as I bought this a while ago and hated it !
A few of the reviews I have read quite like it for the £1.99 price tag.

I found the product to be too dark for me even thought I bought it in the lightest shade(porcelain). I didn't like how the product sat on my skin as it didn't seem to sink into the skin but sat on top looking mask like. On areas of my skin that are dry it was quite moisturising. I did try this product around the house for the day and found that it began to melt off my face after around 2hrs and for me I need something longer lasting.

Overall I think if you can get a shade to match your skin tone then maybe this tinted moisturiser could work for you. At £1.99 it is worth trying but swatch in store before you buy!

Has anyone tried any tinted moisturisers that last well and come in lighter shades? Have you tried the Elf tinted moisturiser what did you think?

Laura x

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