Sunday, 13 March 2011


After reading this article here about make up use by dates, it got me thinking. I don't tend to check the use by dates on make up products as if there "off" I think I would realise for example a product which has went really watery. But why do companies put these use by dates on? Is it really to cover themselves?, to make money? or do products really stop working as well after this date?

I personally use products till they are finished or until I no longer want them or they are visably out of date. I feel that with mascaras for example they can last longer than the 3 month use by date.

What are your views ?

Thanks for reading

Laura x


  1. I've never notice use by dates - I use until they are all gone!

  2. I couldn't care less about the expiration date. I'm able to recognize if the product is till good by the texture, smell of perfomance. I hate to throw products that aren't empty away x