Wednesday, 16 March 2011

NOTD Rimmel Sky High

Its been a little while since I last done a NOTD posts as I decided to give my nails a bit of a rest as I had constantly been wearing nail polish for sometime. I'm now back to wearing nail polish so here is what I have on my nails today

Rimmel London- 825 SKY HIGH

I seem to have a love hate relationship with Rimmel brushes, on some polishes I like the brush and on others I really don't. This polish has the xpress brush and I just found the polish quite hard to apply without slopping it everywhere which neadless to say resulted in my fingers having more polish on them than the nails(well almost)

It is a gorgeous colour tho so its worth it :)

Laura x


  1. Hey, I've just given you the Liebster Award: ;)

  2. Miss A thank you so much! thats so kind :)

    Laura x