Wednesday, 30 March 2011

March Empties

This month I haven't really used up alot of products. The beginning of the month was pretty much a fail as by mid March I'd not really used up anything so coming to the end I made more of an effort to use up some products.

I do have quite a few products that are almost finished and so these will feature in next months.

Alberto Balsam Hairspray- I really like this hairspray and have repurchased many times. It lasts all day, holds your hair in place. Its not got an over powering smell, its not visible in your hair and doesn't make your hair sticky. On the other hand the Hairspray shown below is the worst hairspray I have ever tried.

Nivea Pearl Deodrant a nice smell and does the job.

Carmex lipbalm- In my opinion this is the best lipbalm out there. It can transform dry cracked lips overnight.

Eye Makeup remover pads which I've spoke about in previous posts

My Barry M nail effects polish which dried up so had to go in the bin, I'm so disappointed that it dried up and a bit unsure why it wasn't old and was stored with all my other nail polishes ....

I really can't tell you how much I hate this hairspray. It made my hair so sticky I couldn't even get a brush through it!! It also sprays like a mouse leaving your hair with white bubbles on it till it sets and goes clear ..yukk!

Anna Sui Secret Wish Perfume- Personally I didn't really like this perfume and so was using it up, its got quite an over powering smell at first but does dissappear quite quickly. Really I got it for the bottle which has a fairy on the lid :)

Taken from a website as I'm not very good at describing scents:

The first notes are fresh and juicy: lemon, melon, tagette, peach, pineapple, and black currant. They are followed by floral accord and elegant woodsy notes of white cedar, sandalwood, amber and musk.

What have you used up this month? Do you ever buy perfumes just for the bottle?

Laura x

Monday, 28 March 2011

NOTD 17 Pink Grapefruit

I love this colour its really summery and girly, great for the lovely weather we've been getting. This nail polish applied really well and could be worn with just one coat but I do prefer 2 for that little bit extra coverage. I have a few other colours from the 17 range and will have another look next time i'm in boots:)

Laura x

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Teeny Tiny Haul- Bourjous and No7

I have been looking for a foundation which is quite light but lasts a reasonable amount of time. I have heard good things about Bourjous Healthy Mix foundation so I picked one of these up in boots today and as an added bonus it was on offer at £6.99! I really hope I like it as its so affordable. I have heard it works for some and has broke others out so I will let you know my opinions and how I get on with it.

I also had a No 7 £5 off voucher and decided to spend it on a No 7 Quick cover concealer stick. I read on MakeupSavvys blog that these provide good coverage without being cakey.

Well I'm off to paint my nails now, a nice summery colour as its been a lovely day here in Glasgow :)

Laura x

Saturday, 26 March 2011

And the winner is ....


Thank you to everyone who entered, I was really surprised by the response! There will be more giveaways in the future to say thank you to all my lovely followers!

Also I just want to say I've been a bad blogger lately due to college work but hopefully will get some posts up for you this week, as I have a few in mind including my perfume collection and March empties :)

Thanks Laura x

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Monday, 21 March 2011

Sleek Makeup Avoir la Peche Collection: Paraguaya Palette

While is Superdrug I picked up Sleeks newest Palette in Paraguaya, this is part of the new 'Avoir la Peche' Collection. I was so excited to be able to get my hands on this as whenever a new palette comes out its always out of stock in my local superdrug.

I love how on the recent palettes Sleek have included a sheet with the names of the eyeshadows

What Sleek say:

The new Avoir la Peche collection is everything you will need to be on trend for this spring. Inspired by peaches from all over the world, the collection celebrates in a variety of hues that will see you well into the warmer months of 2011. The Paraguaya i-Divine 12 piece eyeshadow palette is filled to the brim with warm browns, cool corals and powdery pinks - perfect for inspired looks such as Valentino's S/S11 trend.

What I say :

I really love the palette as the colours are all very wearable and although I do think I will use them as eyeshadows I think they will look great as blushes as well. I have heard quite a few people say they wish Sleek would do a blush palette and have to say I agree!

The Avoir la Peche collection launched on the 16th March in Superdrug and also on the Sleek Website for a Limited time only (until 13th April 2011). This palette is £6.49.

Laura x

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

NOTD Rimmel Sky High

Its been a little while since I last done a NOTD posts as I decided to give my nails a bit of a rest as I had constantly been wearing nail polish for sometime. I'm now back to wearing nail polish so here is what I have on my nails today

Rimmel London- 825 SKY HIGH

I seem to have a love hate relationship with Rimmel brushes, on some polishes I like the brush and on others I really don't. This polish has the xpress brush and I just found the polish quite hard to apply without slopping it everywhere which neadless to say resulted in my fingers having more polish on them than the nails(well almost)

It is a gorgeous colour tho so its worth it :)

Laura x

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Rimmel London Haul

This year I seem to be loving Rimmel products, first it was their match perfection concealer which has become a HG product and now I love their lipsticks!

The lipsticks I bought were Colour Show off Lipstick in 020 Shake-up Pink and a Lasting Finish Lipstick in 006 Pink Blush. My favourite of the two being Shake up Pink.

L-R Pink blush and Shake up Pink

Both Lipsticks have a great colour pay off and are gorgeous colours.Both colours are long lasting and feel quick nourishing on the lips and aren't drying. The packaging of both is nice but as much as I love pink I prefer the darker packaging as it looks more professional.

And what really sold these lipsticks to me, apart from the colours, was the smell! Now I don't know if anyone knows what I am talking about when I say they smell like a children's chewing gum( one that came in a red circular plastic packaging, all rolled up and you broke pieces off ?? If you know what its called please let me know as its annoying I can't remember the name !)

I also picked up the Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder in translucent, which I have heard good things about.

So if your in boots/superdrug check out the range of rimmel products you might just be surprised, as they really seem to have some amazing products atm.

Laura x

Sunday, 13 March 2011


After reading this article here about make up use by dates, it got me thinking. I don't tend to check the use by dates on make up products as if there "off" I think I would realise for example a product which has went really watery. But why do companies put these use by dates on? Is it really to cover themselves?, to make money? or do products really stop working as well after this date?

I personally use products till they are finished or until I no longer want them or they are visably out of date. I feel that with mascaras for example they can last longer than the 3 month use by date.

What are your views ?

Thanks for reading

Laura x

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Wish List

I have seen a few wish list posts recently on blogs and so thought I'd put together my own little wishlist of a few items.

Chloe Perfume- Really love the bottle, I'm a sucker for packaging

The Next few items are from River Island

And there you have it! Do you like these kind of posts?

What's on your wishlist ?

Laura x

Monday, 7 March 2011

You Decide...

I am lacking inspiration for posts at the moment and have been quite busy with college work, so I thought I'd ask if you have any requests or tags which you'd like to see me do.

Also what kind of posts are your favourite ?

Laura x

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Denman Hair Brushes

Leopard Print Hairbrush

What Denman say?

A hair care essential, the D3 is a real all-rounder. Ideal for any hair length or type, it includes the famous Denman half-round pad to give maximum grip and control, and seven rows of nylon pins, making it the perfect partner for blow-drying, smoothing, shaping and polishing the hair. Its teardrop handle allows brilliant balance and comfort, so you can get a salon look at home in an instant

My hair is very long, it has a natural wave and so when blow drying I need a good brush which is going to help with styling my hair, so it doesn’t go as wavy. I found that the Leopard Print hairbrush was great for bringing in the ends of my hair and for making my hair straight compared to some other brushes I have tried. It’s also great for using when straightening your hair and sectioning.

The brush is really easy to hold, at first I thought the part with the bristles would come away from the brush because of the design but it’s really well made and durable. And of course I love the fun design.

And lastly the tangle test, as every girl knows a brush which pulls at your hair is not pleasant! This brush glides through my hair with ease leaving it soft and smooth.
This had to be my favourite brush out of the two as it was so versatile and I really loved the print as it’s so different to your usual black hair brush.

Priced at £8.68

The Small Paddle Brush

What Denman say ?

Handbag paddle brush for 'on-the-go' grooming. Ball-ended nylon pins are set into an air-cushioned natural rubber pad to penetrate, smooth and straighten the hair. The soft-touch finish handle adds to the comfort of styling

I found this brush really good for simply brushing through my hair and getting any knots out and just tidying my hair up, it’s a great handbag essential! It left my hair feeling really smooth which make my hair look shinier.

The design of this brush would suit longer hair better I would think, it’s easy to hold and control whilst brushing your hair

Priced at £8.99

I really like both of these brushes and plan to try some more of the Denman brushes in the near future, I’m got my eye on the Fragranced Hairbrushes which I think is a novel idea and also the shampoo massager.

You can get these brushes and more at

Laura x

p.s These brushes were send to me for review purposes by the lovely Lisa but all opinions stated are my own honest opinions as always!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Glamour Magazine and Clinique

Have you picked up your copy yet ?

As I'm sure you all know this month's Glamour magazine has a free Clinique gift, there are 10 to collect. This is to celebrate Glamour's 10th Birthday.

I picked up 2 magazines in my local Tesco one High Impact Mascara and one High Impact Lip colour with SPF 15

I'm excited to try these products as Clinique is a brand I haven't tried so expect a review on these products, I may even go back and get a few more copies of the magazines to get a few different products, i've got my eye on the Dramatically Different moisturiser and All about Eyes

Laura x

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Space Saving

After having to stop buying so many clothes as I couldn't fit anymore in my wardrobes I came across non slip, ultra thin hangers in TK Maxx. They had a range of colours and different amounts of hangers in each set. I managed to find a pack of 20 hangers for £10.00 which is good value considering they were charging £12 for 8 hangers aswell.

I then watched a youtube video where the girl mentioned these hangers were in primark, so off I went to compare prices and was pleased to find Primark selling packs of 10 hangers for £4.00!! EXCELLENT VALUE !

So of course I done what anyone would have done and bought a further 3 packs (30 hangers) so in total I now have 50 ultra thin space saving hangers which has only made a dent in my collection of clothes but has increased my hanging space giving me extra room for more :)

Laura x