Sunday, 20 February 2011


Well I have created a twitter account to write some daily rambles and give you a better insight into my life, and hopefully get to know me a little bit better.(can anyone tell me how to add my twitter to the sidebar ? any help appreciated :)

My twitter name is laurah2211

Hope so see you there ;)

Laura x


  1. you can get a twitter feed, it's on the gadgets :)

    I'm @facefixers


  2. Hey im @smooshkissxx, i'll add ye just now :)

    If yer looking to add the "follow me" link it stopped working the other week, not sure if its back up and running. I had to go to a site that does the buttons, get the HTML code and paste it under the HTML section.

    Linsay x

  3. Thanks @ facefixers

    @ linsay thank you , and thanks for following will check your twitter out :)

    Laura x