Saturday, 19 February 2011

MUA at Superdrug

Recently I have seen so many blog posts about the MUA (MAKEUP ACADEMY)Range at superdrug, that I thought I'd show you the items I have in my collection. All items in the MUA range are £1 !!

Onto the items I own...

* Lipstick in shade 4 - this a a lovely baby pink colour
* Lipstick in shade 7 - which is quite a bright coral colour on the lips
* Eye Dust in Shade 2 - a gorgeous shimmery purple
* Eyeshadow in shade 10 - a black shimmery colour

All the above items are very good quality for £1.

Here are the two lipsticks swatched, both are wearable shade and give a good colour pay off. The lipsticks are a glossy finish and don't dry out your lips.


Next I have one eyeshadow and one eye dust, both are quite pigmented which surprised me because of the price. The MUA range seem mostly to make shimmer products so it would be nice to see some matte shadows aswell

and some swatches

Overall I'd say this is a great range which includes a wide range of colours at affordable prices, which provides make up for everyday wear. I will definately be picking up a few more pieces from this range will you ??

Laura x


  1. That purple looks lovely! I really must try the lipsticks I've heard so many good things about them.
    Coca Cola are doing an offer at Superdrug at the moment - if you buy two bottle of coke you get two free nail varnishes!

  2. I love the idea behind the range, for affordable products in a wide range of colours - but I tried out a few and found they just didn't have the staying power! Such a shame!x

  3. I think the whole range is fab! Everything ive used has been pretty good I mean you can hardly complain for a pound but some of it has been as good as if not better than more expensive brands ive used. Harriet xxx

  4. Hi @ Sophie i had heard about the coke offer seems like a good opportunity to try out the nail polishes:)

    @Elizabeth - Sorry to hear they didn't last, did you try a primer before applying the shadows?

    @powder paint n pout- i agree at a pound you can't go wrong :)

    Laura x

  5. Great post!
    I've always wanted to buy a lippie or a gloss from this range but wasn't sure.. Silly really, as they are only £1 each! :P


  6. Hi Miss A I would really recommend you pick one up there great you won't be disappointed

    Laura x

  7. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog :)
    Your blog is super cute! I need to try the MUA range, keep walking past it even at a £1 - what a cheap skate I am lol, I will definitley have to have another look x