Saturday, 12 February 2011

L'Oreal blush Minerals

I bought this from a discounted website and am I glad ! The blush itself has good pigmentation and staying power although it is a little hard to blend out.

But the packaging is awful ! Firstly the brush is useless, yes its quite soft but its far to small so when you apply the blush with it you get a concentrated patch of colour, not a good look !

And because of the way its packaged the blush pot only fits the brush it comes with, so I will have to decant the blush into some other form of container so I can use it with a proper brush.

Overall a nice product shame about the packaging!

Anyone else tried this product, what is your opinion? And if anyone knows of any good websites for buying little empty pots ?

Laura x


  1. I have this and also got the same effect, such an awful brush! I found it was tricky to get the amount of powder you wanted out.

  2. hi Sophie, glad its not just me then, its a shame as the blush looks nice

    laura x