Monday, 7 February 2011

Jewellery storage

Well first up in my storage posts, series I guess you could call it, is jewellery.

I have a jewellery stand which houses all my most worn necklaces and a few of my more expensive bracelets

This stand is from boots, it was in their christmas gifts so I'm not sure if its still available

Next is a Jewellery box, we all have one somewhere, I really like this wooden one and its got loads of wee drawers and compartments

But there was one problem with the jewellery box... earings would all get mixed up in a drawer and i'd spend forever trying to find the pair I wanted cue some DIY :)

I had a square make up bag/box which wasn't very deep and so I decided to get some card and make holes to put my earrings through, and then placed the card inside the bag/box. This has been a great way to keep my earrings organised and in pairs as you can see from the pic I've still got space on the card for more so my other earrings will be going in soon.

Well thats all for Jewellery storage, if you have any questions please leave a comment below and I'll get back to you

oh one more thing any ideas for eyeshadow storage ....

Can you tell I'm addicted to buying eyeshadow? How do you store yours?

I have seen a few palettes which look like a good idea, the z or unii palettes. So I may look into these

Laura x


  1. The little chest of draws are so cute!
    Good idea with the earrings - I may have to pinch your idea! :)

  2. Hi

    @Sophie Isobel - glad the earring storage helped you :)

    @Facefixers- Thanks :)

  3. I have litte drawer sets which I got for B&M stores for a few pounds, ye can get them anywhere really which stores all my individual eyeshadows and I have a basket for all my palettes. I'm thinking of changing it up a little though because they're kind of overflowing :S on the lookout for some new storage options.


  4. Linsay thats a good idea, will keep an eye out for them :)

    Laura x