Monday, 20 December 2010

Soap and Glory Pink Big

As you will know if you read my blog i love Soap and Glory products! So when I heard boots had the Pink big colossal compilation set on offer i hot footed it down to pick one up ! The set includes a pink soap and glory tote bag, fabric storage box and loads of products! It was on offer from £60.00 down to £25.00 , what a bargain !

So what do you get ?

* Clean on me
* The Righteous Butter
* Flake Away
* Girligo
* Glad Hair Day
* The Breakfast Scrub
* Hand Food Scrub your nose in it
* Super colour Sexy Mother Pucker
* Off your face wipes
oh and lets not foget the pink loofer

Wow!! all products are full size

This is the lid of the fabric storage box and shows you the products, this would make a fab pressie for anyone who likes soap and glory

*disclaimer- Bought with my own money *

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  1. im just about to do a post on this hehe :)
    i was so excited to get this!
    i followed you :) please follow back! :D