Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas NOTD

Just a quick post to show you the nail polish I was wearing on Christmas Day and the nail polish I am wearing today, so first up on Christmas Day I wore a no7 polish in Pillar Box number 98

And today I am wearing a Nails Inc polish in Buckingham Street which is from a set of 10 Nails Inc polishes I got from Santa! :)

And this is the Nails Inc set

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Drugstore Haul

Whilst out getting last minutes christmas pressies I popped into Boots and here is what i picked up

I have read quite a few blog posts about the bourjois eyeshadows and as it was 3 for 2 I picked up one of there new trio eyeshadows in 01 gris dandy which will create a great smoky eye and a purple shadow in shade 72. I love how pigmented this shade is and it also has some lovely shimmer throught it.

And the third thing from the Bourjois range was a lipstick in sweet kiss shine shade 73 which is quite a light pinky colour with a shimmer to it, its quite sheer.

Below I have swatched this and the number17 mirrorshine lipstick i got in belle. I love the mirror shine lipsticks theres really nice to apply don't dry out your lips and have a good colour pay off.(bourjois on the left and mirrorshine on the right)

(sorry about the bad picture but gives you an idea of the shades)

I also got another tub of cherry carmex as i have just finished my last one, this was definately my favourite lip balm of 2010 and i will continue to use it in 2011

* all products were purchased with my own money *

Monday, 20 December 2010

Soap and Glory Pink Big

As you will know if you read my blog i love Soap and Glory products! So when I heard boots had the Pink big colossal compilation set on offer i hot footed it down to pick one up ! The set includes a pink soap and glory tote bag, fabric storage box and loads of products! It was on offer from £60.00 down to £25.00 , what a bargain !

So what do you get ?

* Clean on me
* The Righteous Butter
* Flake Away
* Girligo
* Glad Hair Day
* The Breakfast Scrub
* Hand Food Scrub your nose in it
* Super colour Sexy Mother Pucker
* Off your face wipes
oh and lets not foget the pink loofer

Wow!! all products are full size

This is the lid of the fabric storage box and shows you the products, this would make a fab pressie for anyone who likes soap and glory

*disclaimer- Bought with my own money *

Stocking Fillers (Benefit)

I discovered Benefit products a while ago now and I have quite a few pieces which i use regularly including eyecon, benetint and boi-ing concealer. When I first seen these little kits I thought the were a great way of trying some of the benefit products so these would be great for people just starting out in makeup or if you just want to try some of the benefit products. They would also make a great stocking filler this christmas!

First up is Realness of concealness

This is described as the mini "fake it" kit as it includes :

boi-ing industrial strength concealer
High beam
Lemon Aid(colour correcting primer)
Lip plump(lip gloss)
Ooh la lift (under eye de-puffer)

Next is Justine Case

This kit includes:

California kissin (lip gloss)
Benetint (lip and cheek stain)
Some kind-a gorgeous (foundation)

These kits are good value for money for what you get in them and a great way to try products from the benfit range as some of the products are quite pricey.

* all products purchased with my own money *

Monday, 13 December 2010

Stila Haul !

Well i have waited patiently for my Stila goodies to arrive as i bought them from the Brandalley website.So I thought I'd share some photos of my stila products :

The items I ordered included:

*Stila Illuminating liquid foundation
*Stila Jade blossom Hair Refresher
*A 4 pan compact
*9 eye shadow pans

Here is a closer look at the eyeshadows which i bought from left to right

top row - viola, sajama, twig
2nd row - shore, makalu, bud (cheek colour)
3rd row - nanda devi, cloud, sparkle

I did order a few other cheek colours but unfortunately they were out of stock even though it let me add them to my basket! Brandalley were very good at refunding the money owed tho and informing me of their mistake. I would recommend this site as it has some great bargains( i'm in no way connected to this company just a happy customer )

* sorry about the shadows in the pictures these were taken at night with artificial light*

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

nail polish swatches

NYC- Times Square

This polish applies well, takes 2 coats for good coverage and lasts around 2 days without chipping but my hands are always in and out water etc.

NYC - Prince Street, This polish also applies well , this was two coats but did chip very quickly, after only a few hours !

Nails Inc -Jermyn Street

Nails Inc is one of my favourite nail polish brands, they are always good quality polishes that last well without chipping ,this polish lasts at least 3 days before starting to chip which is great !

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


I love to light candles, my favourites are the yankee candles so when I seen these candles in Primark i picked up a few. I think they were about £1 or £1.50 each. These candles are great they smell really nice i got a vanilla and 2 peach but there was also a red one which was cranberry or strawberry(something like that anyway). The candles are in glass jars very similar to Yankee candles, they smell great and the fragrance the whole room. A great bargain!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Skin Care

Look Familiar ? Like most people i have tried alot of facial washes, exfoliators, moisturisers and toners, most of which brought out more spots than they got rid of and to be honest i didn't see a great difference in my skin. So i am constantly looking for something that is going to improve my skin which is normal combination. Many people both on you tube and blogs have raved about Cetaphil cleanser and moisturiser and so i decided to try it out for myself.

And Finally i have found a great cleanser and moisturiser that didn't break me out and i can see the difference in my skin. My skin feel clean , looks almost glowing and is very soft. This cleanser and moisturiser has moisturised the dry patches and reduced oil in the t-zone. I cannot recommend this enough. The only thing i would say is the packaging is not the most attractive and means that if it hadn't been for the great reviews this product got i probably wouldn't have got this product because mostly i am attracted to pretty packaging and bottle. Also i can only seem to get it online, although this isn't a great problems for me it may be for some.